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To protect your family’s financial future, it’s important to have a plan for what will happen to your estate. At Vermilion’s Wheat Law Office, we can help clients who are planning for the future or dealing with the recent loss of a loved one. We can guide you through:

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Wills and Estate Planning:

Many people don’t know how or where to begin when it comes to estate planning. Our team has many years of experience assisting clients through the process, identifying potential issues and planning accordingly. Each individual family, business and financial circumstance requires an individual plan and legal structure to ensure that your wishes are upheld and carried out as you intended.

We take the time to fully understand your situation and provide the resources necessary to implement the most effective plan. Well-drafted estate and incapacity planning documents will protect both your interests and the interests of your loved ones, and can serve as tools to reduce probate fees and minimize taxes. We can help you with:

  • Drafting estate and incapacity planning documents, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney and personal directives
  • Implementing estate planning techniques to minimize probate fees
  • Working with clients and their professional advisors to protect family wealth
  • Implementing tax-effective succession plans for business owners
  • Setting up trusts, including spousal trusts
  • Planning for the care and maintenance of family members with disabilities or special challenges
  • Planning for second marriages to ensure that the needs of children from a prior relationship, as well as the needs of the second spouse, are met
  • Executing estate freezes, including family trusts
  • Assisting clients who wish to make charitable gifts by ensuring that their specific tax-planning and personal objectives are met
  • Advising clients about their rights and obligations under a power of attorney or personal directive
  • Assisting clients where there is concern about abuse or negligence under a power of attorney or personal directive, including mishandling of an adult’s assets

Estate Administration

Managing a person’s estate following his or her death can be an overwhelming and emotional task, particularly for anyone appointed as executor. Assets and liabilities must be determined, ongoing or outstanding obligations must be met, and in a large number of cases, an application for a Grant of Probate must be made. Our team is equipped to deal with the assets and liabilities of the estate, and to obtain a Grant of Probate from the courts when necessary.

We can also help you field the demands of creditors, beneficiaries and other interested third parties. Even simple estates can be time-consuming and take months to administer. Our knowledgeable estate administration team can facilitate and guide you through the process as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Our key areas of service include:

  • Assisting executors and beneficiaries through the probate process, including applying for a Grant of Probate
  • Assisting clients where a family member has died without a will, including applying for a Grant of Administration
  • Assisting executors who have not begun dealing with the estate to renounce their appointment
  • Preparing executor’s accounts and releases
  • Advising executors and beneficiaries on executor’s accounts, releases and remuneration
  • Advising and assisting executors of insolvent estates
  • Assisting in the transfer of assets to beneficiaries, including the transmission of real property
  • Helping executors enact a will-maker’s instructions, including precipitating gifts to individual and charitable beneficiaries

Dealing with an estate can be a challenging and emotional time for a family. It’s important to have legal guidance through this difficult process, so contact Wheat Law Office.

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